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Weed & Brush Control

Herbicide Applications to control both Weeds and Brush. 

Operating out of the Red Deer area, we service the Province of Alberta

Herbicide Applications in Industrial, Forestry, and Landscape Settings

Sure Shot Environmental operates across the province of Alberta.  

Our herbicide applicators are fully certified, meaning you'll get responsible vegetation control with reduced environmental impact.  We have experience in both Total (Non-Selective) and Selective Herbicide Applications.  
We specialize in providing vegetation control to the oil and gas industry, utility companies, industrial plants, pipeline ROWs, municipalities, commercial businesses, highway and reclamation contractors.

Capture the Important Data

Our Geospatial Recording software accurately monitors and tracks herbicide applications. With real-time tracking, we're able to see exactly where the application occurs, who applied it, which herbicides were used, and how much. This information is vital for ensuring that your herbicide strategy is working effectively.  Year-over-Year analysis of the herbicide program can easily be done by layering multiple years.

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What We Offer

Herbicide Services Across Alberta

Fully Certified Applicator

Not just an Authorized Assistant.  Our Foreman are all Certified Pesticide Applicators

Geospatial Data Collection

Record exactly where, when, and what was sprayed

Service Registration & Insurance

We are set-up to carry out the work the correct way

Professional Support

Call us anytime, email us anytime. We're available.

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