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Vegetation Assessments

At Sure Shot Environmental Ltd., we provide top-quality vegetation consulting services to our clients. We specialize in data collection and geospatial analysis to develop comprehensive vegetation management plans tailored to your specific needs.

Utility Forester.jpg

Sure Shot Environmental’s Utility Consulting Division maintains, on average, 15 to 20 Utility Foresters (also referred to as Vegetation Assessors or Patrol/Consenters). This group of professionals are at the forefront of any vegetation management program. 

A patrol is completed to determine type and amount of vegetation present and what operations – trim, slash, hazard tree removal or herbicide – is best suited to maintain the vegetation on each parcel of land considering factors such as cost efficiencies, accessibility, and long term sustainability. They are then tasked with being the liaison between the landowner and our client to acquire permission to complete the desired vegetation control. 

Many of our consultants come from forestry backgrounds; however, this profession is also suited for individuals with environmental and/or reclamation experience. Our consultants also provide other services to our clients including quality, productivity and safety audits for vegetation control contractors as well as project management.​

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